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Pet Crate Mat Guide


If you make use of a dog crate mat when you are at home or traveling, you have possibly noticed that the dog crates aren’t that comfy for dogs. They’re prepared using durable, hard materials that aren’t comfortable to lie on. Happily, there’re many dog crate mats that you could choose from to make the crate more comfy.

Why get a pet crate mat?

It is true that there’re quite a lot of different sorts of dog beds on the marketplace. Not all of them are the equal, however. There’re some specific kinds of dog mats which have a specific function. The pet crate mat is among one of them. This is a category which typically comes in rectangular form, it is padded, and it’s easy to move.

You could use the pet crate mats and turn them to carriers, making the tour much more easy and comfortable for the dog.

What to consider while buying a pet crate mat?

There’re several features that verify the value of a pet crate mat. Here’re some of the characteristics that must be considered when selecting the best dog crate mat for your dog:

  • Padding type: Pet crate mat could be stuffed with a selection of padding types. Dependent on the padding type, each mat has different type of features.
  • Thickness:  thickness of the mat decides how supportive it could be, and how well it fits in the crates. Some pet crate mats are slim enough to be left in the crate when it’s collapsed for transportation, others might be too thick for the small dogs to get onto without any trouble.
  • Weight: The sizes and padding types could determine how heavy a mat is. Thicker the mat, particularly the ones with the foam inserts, are harder and heavier to move by hand.
  • Size: size of the mat is measured by the width, height and length. The mat size must match the dimensions of the pet crate to be completely functional.
  • Materials: The mats are made using different type of materials that have different textures and durability. Polyester is mostly used for its soft texture and durability.
  • Special features: Some of the mats have special features such as waterproof liners or reversible construction methods.

Herodog Thin Mat with Soft Foam Dog Bed

This mat is a very good option for your pet crate as the inner layer of the mat is made using high quality foam which makes the bed an ideal combination of support and comfort. It will improve the joint activity, strength and pet health as it has a strong foam base.

  • 100% Washable
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Non-toxic and risk-free materials
  • safe to use
  • Zipper design, simple to disassemble and put into the washing machine for cleaning
  • Available in Multi-Size

Herodog Dog Bed Crate Mat Pad 

This pet crate mat is perfect for protecting floors, furniture, or even car back seat from dirt, fur and dander. The anti-slip base will keep the dog safe when they sleep on the mat. The super soft surface will give a comfy feeling. It is available in 2 different colors and they are good matching any home interior decor.

  • Soft and durable
  • Crate Mat is 100% Washable
  • Good for small and large dog
  • Anti-Slip Design Dog Bed Mat
  • Multi-Size Choice

Crates are helpful for training and providing a secure space for the dog, but a comfy pet crate mat is necessary. The best pet crate mat provide a cozy and comfy place to sleep, at the same time as providing sufficient support to keep the pet off the hard floor.


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