Treat Training Pouch Bag

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      -  Made of durable waterproof nylon fabric, inner is easy cleaning high-density nylon cloth.

      -  Design with an adjustable removable waistband and shoulder strap, strong unbreakable belt clip, BPA-free silicone food grade collapsible dog bowl with a carabiner.

      -  Great to hold toys, food and accessories security with drawstring, separate different kibble with convenient dual compartment bags, bright orange interior to quick spot treat at home or outside travel, D-rings for used waste bags, clicker or water bottle.

      -  With 2 handy zipper bag and mesh bag, keeping your stuff safe and convenient to take.

      -  The pouch comes with a bone printing poop bag which can store in the built-in poo waste bag dispenser,  

      -  Large size can store things for a long walk or go travel, or train a puppy or have a daily walk.

      -  100% guarantee money back policy if there’s any quality problem.


      -  1pc Hero Dog Treat Training Pouch Bag

      -  1pc collapsible dog bowl

      -  1pc bone printing poop bag

      -  1pc adjustable removable waistband and shoulder strap and belt clip

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    • Does this come with any poop bags?

      Yes, mine came with 1 roll of poop bags that we're grey in color and had black outlines of dog bones all over the bags. Hope this helps!

    • where is the poop bag compartment local? in the back of bag or side of bag?

      The back of the bag. There is a zipper below the clip to carry the bag on your waist. Place the bags in that pouch and then pull the first bag through the circular opening-- that is area that the bags feed through. 

    • For this treat bag ,an a 16 oz water bottle fit in the treat part?

      Yes, the largest compartment, the main compartment can indeed easily accommodate a 16 oz water bottle. I personally carry a 16.9oz bottle of water in the main compartment at all times for my pup while still carrying her bag of training treats in their resealable bag as well in this main compartment and there is still room for another small item or two in this area with these two things in there!

    • How big is the water bowl

      It's not very big, holds maybe 2 cups of water. But I find it perfect when you are walking or hiking. I don't want a bulky bowl to carry around. My one dog is picky and doesn't mind drinking out of this at all. 

    • Does this pouch stay open? Is there a hinge? Or is it a drawstring?

      This pouch is a drawstring