Dream a little dream of me

The story of “Hero Dog” begun on an ordinary day back in 2005. Miranda Wray needed to pick up some groceries from the store and on her way there she spotted a stray puppy huddled in the corner with its eyes shut. For a moment she thought the puppy was dead since he was motionless. However, as soon as he shivered a little, Miranda realized that the puppy was still alive and was in desperate need of a warm shelter.
Miranda went back to her car  for something that could be used as a cover for the puppy. She found a fluffy blanket and thought it's just what the little pup needed. She went back and snuggled him in the blanket and went on her way to the grocery store. When she was done shopping and exiting the store, she saw the puppy standing at the door with the blanket in his mouth jumping at her in excitement with a face that's screaming please take me home.
Miranda could not resist his charm so she took the puppy home and named him Hero.

 Miranda wanted little Hero to feel loved and sleep in comfort so she same with a brilliant plan to make him a pillow bed. After numerous attempts, she perfected the craft; this was the creation of the first "Hero Dog" bed to be made.

Miranda and Hero grew in love and became inseparable, she took Hero almost everywhere she went and of course he brought his bed along. Whenever she would bump into other pet owners they were always fascinated by Hero's bed and were curious to know where they got it.
With years of research and development, Hero Dog became popular in the dog owners circle. Our aim is to provide the best resting place for pets where ever they go. With the environment in mind, our mats are washable and eco-friendly, in an effort to reduce carbon emission. 

Come get a Hero Dog bed today and let their sweet dream begin!