Pet Rescue Program
We started a small step in Charity work. 
There's a small pet rescue shelter near us, and one day 
one of our team menber saw the information of this shelter saying that 
the pets lack of stuff for keeping them warm in the winter, 
we contacted with them and start the work. 

Some Friends of Tiggy

Here're some friends of tiggy in the shelter, some of them might still starving or needing for help. We donate some of our mats to them, but some of them are chewer and ruining a lot. So we are thinking to help them in another way. So We started the program and need your help.

The first time we met Tiggy

This is the first time the shelter saw Tiggy, she was found on the street at midnight and shaking. After the shelter took over her, they shower for her and kept her warm, then she start to accept contact with human kindness, she start to trust people.And now she gets familiar with the life in the shelter and makes friends ther, but still craving for family and love!

Volunteering Your Time

Choose the shelter that works best for you and volunteer your time to be one of the helper! Find the one that near you, the shelter project might help you by simply type in your zip code.

Take A Pic and Find Them a Home

Social media could be a good way to find them a permanent and forever loving home, like the page of your local shelter and share them on, spread to the world by Twitter or Facebook or other networking apps.

Be A Lifetime Owner

One of the reason why there's such a lots of roaming dog and cats, it's because some pets was being sent as a gift on the special days, after these period, they were roam. Make sure you're ready to take care of them for their life time before you bring them home.

Their Life goes better with your help!